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Meet the Presidents/Founders


Jack Rogers (he/him)

I began exploring politics at dinner conversations with my family, discussing topics like the #MeToo movement, gun violence, and climate change. These conversations soon transformed into hours of reading political op-eds, watching election prediction videos, and discussing complex issues with my friends. 

I wanted to bring the Young Democrats Club to Saint Andrew's School because I love being able to foster conversations about current events and learn about others' unique perspectives. The weekly news updates are my favorite part of this club: I love being able to help the student body become more politically aware while also expanding my own knowledge. 


In college, I plan on majoring in political science.



Bella de los Rios (she/her)

My interest in politics began in middle school through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. On these platforms, I began reading about issues such as women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement. This led me to want to deepen my knowledge of other political and social issues. Therefore, I started reading on Democratic views and developing my own political perspective.


I wanted to bring the Young Democrats Club to Saint Andrew’s School because I loved discussing my views on current events and political issues with my friends. Furthermore, I wanted this club to be a place where members can learn from one another and begin developing their own political views. I love being able to write articles and blogs about political issues, current events, and other news. I love expressing my own opinions through the blog posts and informing myself and others about what’s going on around the globe through the news articles.

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